The telematic server for the point of sale

Fiscal Box is a veritable specialized product for big retailers, with high performances and dedicated to the data sending of check-outs' payments. Fiscal Box is composed by a "black box" that can be easily integrated in the point of sale's back office and can be managed as any local peripheral network,thanks to its embedded web server to maintain the high safety standards required by the Large Scale Retail trade networking. Also the process of mandatory printing (i.e. of the electronic journal and fiscal memory) is easy and effective guaranteeing the possibility to use normal consumer printers already installed in the point of sales local network. A powerful and safe hardware, suitable also for check-outs with more than 64 cashiers.

Fiscal Box is developed through the use of the most innovative technologies related to electronic payment systems. Fiscal Box hits also the record of being certified as the first Italian fiscal hardware that doesn't use "fiscal lead" anymore, today replaced by a digital electronic seal.

  • FISCAL BOX - Back view
  • FISCAL BOX - Metadata exchange protocol with the checkout barrier
  • 亮点
    • Processor Freescale IMX6 ultralite @ 512 MHz
    • Operating System Linux @ kernel 3.14.38
    • Web Server NGINX
    • Database MySQL 5.5.41 Maria DB
    • PHP FastCGI implementation FPM PHP 5.5.21
    • Motherboard separate from the connector panel (I/O area) to increase the security level of the fiscal section
    • 2 Ethernet ports with IEEE 1588 (one for an internal LAN not accessible outside the store and the other for an external WAN connection to AE) for Firewall use
    • 1 RS232 serial port (for future implementations)
    • 1 USB Master port for a Pen Drive (Export of "detailed memory or DGFE and export of "summarised memory" or tax memory, in CSV format in accordance with regulatory requirements)
    • 1 USB slave port (for future implementations)
    • Internal Wi-Fi and BT modules (optional for future implementations)
    • 3/4G GPRS module (optional for future implementation)

    • Internal MicroSD reader under seal (in accordance with regulatory requirements) for "detailed memory" or DGFE use up to 32 GB SLC
    • External SD reader (Export of "detailed memory or DGFE and export of "summarised memory" or tax memory in CSV format, in accordance with regulatory requirements)
    • Tax memory under epoxy resin with secure retention of the "device certificate" issued by AE for signing transmissions

    • SAM module for data encryption
    • Anti-tampering and anti-intrusion system on the main board
    • Approved with an electronic tax seal (no lead and tamper-proof label)
    • Secure boot
    • Management and validation of the signed software being run using standard RSA-2048.

    METADATA EXCHANGE PROTOCOL WITH THE CHECKOUT BARRIER The secure protocol ensures the protection of the data transmitted from a cash register to the FISCAL BOX, reciprocally authenticating and protecting the transmitted data in accordance with the confidentiality, inalterability and authenticity required by the regulations.
    • HTTP/1.1 protocol on a secure TLS channel with the following characteristics:
    • TLS version 1.2
    • Negotiation of TLS encryption parameters with security not weaker than AES-128 (for confidentiality) and SHA-256 (for integrity and authenticity)
    • TLS authentication of the FISCAL BOX using a public key with an RSA-2048 security level
    • Automatic authentication of the Cash Register through the HTTP Authentication mechanism (RFC-7235), with the Basic scheme (RFC-7617)
To download the files of this area please link to:
  • 产品代码
    • Code Description    
    • 93ELW010100733 TELEMATIC SERVER FISCAL BOX     Options for 93ELW010100733
      • Options for 93ELW010100733
      • 43000000023100 MSD DGFE ELECTRONIC JOURNAL MOD L    
      • 43000000023200 MSD DGFE ELECTRONIC JOURNAL MOD M    
      • 43000000023300 MSD DGFE ELECTRONIC JOURNAL MOD N    
      • 43000000023400 MSD DGFE ELECTRONIC JOURNAL MOD O    

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