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你的客户将对你的事业有全新的观点:专属你的App Business将依据你所期望的方法和时间,为你把你所期望传递的信息直接传送到客户的智能手机中!App Business的设计架构在于可简易使用并立即见效。基本功能中已备有5页可浏览页,内容包括:公司介绍和直接联系,可实时更新的相片库,你提供的商业报价并搭配pdf、音频和视频详细说明,用以实时传递促销的推送通知,以及一页定位地图和你社群网页的链接。

  • 亮点
    • Home: page with logo and a short description of the activity
    • Gallery: gallery of images where to show features and share pictures of the events
    • Products category: contents organized on many levels to manage also complex services
    • Product datasheet: supplementary datasheet, with the possibility to upload pdf files, videos and audio
    • Push notifications: short text messages sent to all the devices that have the App installed
    • Contacts: map with the button "bring me here", address, telephone, email, website and social
To download the files of this area please link to:
  • 产品代码
    • Code Description    
    • 9S3SW300800000 BUSINESS APP    

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