• 现金无法看见也无可拿取,安全的金钱管理
  • 收入的确实性
  • 辨识伪钞与伪币
  • 完全排除因计算错误所造成的缺款
  • 纪录所有交易并始终完美记账
  • 纸钞和硬币插入系统由LED指示灯引导
  • 自动化硬币接收器,最小可管理2欧分硬币
  • 内置保险柜系统提供现金防护
  • 可更换式配锁纸钞及硬币钱箱
  • 不须接触钱币保障人员卫生
  • 可将钱箱固定于收银台
  • 人体工程学设计并可轻易与收银台整合
  • 可连接任何与Windows操作系统兼容的pos程序
  • 重量: 30Kg
  • 尺寸: 32.5(宽) x 37.5(深)x 47.5(高)mm

  • CHS150
  • CHS150 - 打开
  • CHS150
  • 亮点
  • 独家特征
  • 专注于
  • Operations
    • It accepts payments and gives change
    • Withdrawals (for payments) and cash deposits
    • It changes coins and bills

    Bills management
    • Accepted bills: 5€, 10€, 20€, 50€, 100€, 200€ and 500€
    • Bills supplying speed: from 6 to 8 seconds
    • Bills accepting speed: 4 seconds if the bill goes to collection drawer; between 6 and 10 seconds if the bill goes to recycle and bills autofeeding device
    • Capacity: 70 bills for changes in the recycle box and 500 bills in the collection drawer

    Coins management
    • Accepted coins: 2, 5, 10, 50 cents and 1 and 2 €(all accepted, apart from 1 cent coin)
    • Change speed: 10 coins/second
    • Accepting speed: 3 coins/second
    • Maximum capacity: 2,500 coins, 1,500 included in the recycle box and 1,000 in the drawer
    • Preparation of the cash fund: 10 coins/second
  • Check: cash balancing and savings
    • No more mistakes when giving changes
    • Operators can always know how much money is available
    • Safe money collection, without the need of count it at the end of the day
    • The "bill cash" is not needed at the end of the shift or at the end of the day
    • Improving of the working environment, no cash differences to manage
    • Warning about available money levels
    • No more risks about fake coins or bills
    Security benefits
    • It prevents thefts and robberies, also thanks to its weight (30 kgs) and the fastening to the counter
    • Cash not available for the staff
    • All transactions are checked
    • Validity check for bills and coins both when collecting and when paying or giving changes
    • Security block
    • Locked and replaceable boxes
    Three internal security levels, managed with 3 different keys:
    • 1st level: access for cleaning and anti-jamming operations (for all operators)
    • 2nd level: security block for bills / coins boxes (for authorized operators)
    • 3rd level: security boxes opening (usually only for the business owner)
    • Compact device
    • A unique device for bills and coins management
    • Easy to install
    • Fitted for the cash desk
    • Unique operating area for customers or for the cash operator
    • Its operating principles are related to the integration with a cash system (POS and/or ECR)
    • It is connectable with retail softwares developed in any operating systems
    • Connection through LAN TCP/IP (Ethernet)
  • 现金支付的款项是否受到正确管理对零售商的利润来说可有显著的影响。 依据近期研究调查,约90%的零售商未拥有一套有效且安全的系统来进行现金的管理。 备有一套有效的现金管理解决方案的商业活动享有多种优势,包括更高的收入,较低的成本,更高的安全性以更有效率的销售流程。 许多商店目前尚以人工的方式来管理现金,但这会使业务受到某些劣势的影响,如计算错误,收款缺额或金钱被偷的风险。 此外,人工管理现金的作法也会增加人员的服务时间以及分散对最终客户的服务专注力。
To download the files of this area please link to:
  • 产品代码
    • Code Description    
    • 950AA100400033 CASH HANDLING SYSTEM CHS150    

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